Vending Machines


A 24 hours a day business

The vending machine has often been called the silent salesman – this is so true.
Your sales revenues are collected immediately, no thirty days accounts and customers wanting credit. 
As you sell – you bank !

Hence your cash flow which is always so critical in a small business is cash positive from get go.

Combination vending machines are the most popular vending machines-these dispense chips chocolates and coldrinks.
Why do we rate them the most popular – they allow for a consistent turnover year round.
Cooldrinks in summer, chips and chocolates in winter all housed in one machine!
There are no real big challenges regards owning one or many vending machines-there is one very important criteria though-
That the unit you have purchased is fully serviceable from a local point of view


The company that has supplied you must be in a position to give 100% service backup from a technical and spares point of view. Every minute that your machine is inoperable you are losing turnover and hence profits. We at Full Service Vending / Vendtec have a national footprint which are able to offer 24 service-be it a machine supply, spares or technical service.


The key in any finance deal is to make sure that you manage your cash-flow carefully-vending allows one to generate turnover from the first hour. Not many business can offer that. The secret is to put every possible Rand back into your growing business and have a good record with the bank.


Once you have bought one , then five and then ten machines you are in a position to decide this is where you want to be.


Initially we recommend that you find a site close to home or work so you may fill the vendor on the way to work or after hours. Having said that it also adds to your bottom line in running expenses. The less driving you have to do the better your profits for your start-up. Mail us any question and I am sure we have a solution to your vending needs.


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